China imposes sanctions on Swedish researchers

Bjorn Girden chairs the new National Knowledge Center on China at the Foreign Policy Institute (UI).

In addition to Gerden, there are also many EU parliamentarians and many EU institutions on China’s sanctions list – but there are no other Swedes.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that people and organizations affected by the sanctions will be banned from entering mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. Affiliated companies and institutions also face restrictions in their communications with China.

No comment

China’s letter is in response to letters from European Union sanctions. These penalties are carried out against people who are considered perpetrators of human rights violations. Those who end up on the EU list will be banned from entering the union and their potential assets in member states will be frozen.

The European Union has put eleven new people on its list, including four Chinese linked to Uighur abuses in Xinjiang. The list already included four Russian officials, due to the assassination attempt on Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

The UI Press Service announces that the institute is not currently commenting on the matter.

Lindy: Absolutely unacceptable

Foreign Minister Anne Lind (S) rejected China’s response to EU sanctions. She believes that the decision is completely unacceptable and that the Swedish government will now contact the Chinese embassy in Stockholm to find out the basis on which the Swedish citizen has been placed on the sanctions list.

Now it is important to get China to say why they put all these people and organizations on their sanctions list.

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While EU sanctions can be linked to the direct actions of the people on the list, Linde believes that China has acted more arbitrarily.

We don’t have penalties to punish but to change behavior. If you violate human rights, we want you to stop doing so. As the Chinese menu looks like, it appears to be a general sweep of everyone who thinks it speaks generically, says Lindy.

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