Chief Physician: Everyone should be tested for the British boom

We think ten percent is reasonable. If we wanted to sequence everything, it would be very broad. We now have about 30,000 cases a week in Sweden and at that level it’s good to go up to ten percent. This percentage will then increase as the number of cases decreases, Karen Tegmark Wessel of the Swedish Public Health Agency.

According to Tegmark Wisell, the main obstacle to sequencing, that is, to conduct an analysis that maps the genome of the virus, the most positive samples is that it is resource-intensive and can replace other activities in laboratories already under severe stress.

“Go to”

Johan Sterrod still believes it is essential to precisely prioritize these analyzes in order to be able to provide the correct measures to stop the variant, which is highly contagious.

– I found Norway more than we did and ten percent looks a little bit more. We now need to know how many people have this mutation in order to take the right action.

If it spreads, it means increased pressure on healthcare. For a short while, I’d like to measure almost all of the positives. To get an idea of ​​what it is now.

The number is expected to increase

There are currently 55 confirmed cases of the UK variant, but the latest batch is a week old and Karin Tegmark Wisell believes that number will increase when a new compilation is introduced tomorrow, Tuesday.

Something that worries Tegmark Wisell.

– Yes sure. Not least because reports from the UK have shown widespread infection despite severe restrictions.

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