Check out SpaceX’s test time for the Starship SN10. Will the landing be adjusted this time?

Later in the day, SpaceX will likely test the Starship SN10 prototype and if so, it will be able to check it out directly above.

The SN10 will be the third high-altitude test of a spacecraft prototype. The idea is that the spacecraft will reach a height of 10 kilometers and then fall back to the ground, upright in the hope that it will land without exploding. The latter, that is, an explosion, was the fate that SN8 and SN9 met. So we’ll see if it works better this time.

SpaceX obtained permission to launch SN10 from 16:00 today Swedish time. However, SpaceX itself has not specified a specific timeline or whether it plans to launch SN10. However, the weather appears to be fine, so it likely won’t prevent a rocket launch from the SpaceX space base in Boca Chica, Texas, later today.

Now it looks like Starship SN10 will be moving at some point 16:50: The Nest 17:30: The Nest Swedish time is “unclear”. You will also find a live broadcast from Everyday Astronaut below with comments before, during, and after the possible launch of the Starship SN10.

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