Charlie Woods offered upscale entertainment

Unexpectedly, Charlie Wood’s first televised golf tournament debut will be linked to rare hype. Maybe just as expected the 11-year-old son of Tiger Woods would have dealt with it like a star.
It actually started on the first tee.

The Woods’ team played alongside Justin Thomas and his father, Mike. Comfortable draw as Charlie Justin knows well and also takes occasional golf lessons from Mike Thomas, a PGA coach by profession.

When Justin Thomas pulled his shot from the first hole, Charlie commented sarcastically, “I thought you’d sweep it.”
The game started.

The PNC tournament is decided by a stampede format where the team always picks the players’ best hits. In teams with Tiger Woods, it would be easy to believe that the 11-year-old (even though he’s Woods’ son) would have a hard time contributing so many strokes.
forget that.

In the fifth hole, Bar 5, which reached 384 meters from the tee used by Charlie, was struck by a drift, followed by five wooden stakes from 160 meters to about one meter from the flag.
The eagle – and the tiger didn’t have to strike one blow.

Even in hole 14 or 18, Tiger didn’t even have to make an effort to hit him.

But even though the PNC tournament is a competition whose staging ground is occupied only by the main winners (plus Matt Kochar – perhaps due to winning the player tournament that the PGA Tour wants to consider major …) the competition aspect itself is the most minor in the jippoevent event.

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Entertainment and society are a priority. And in that category, Charlie Woods was not threatened in the first place.

Best entertainment came in the thirteenth hole. Par 4, left dogleg. Thomas’ team hit first. Then Charlie Woods knocked out. Even before the ball landed, he looked back at the back tee where Justin, Mike, and Tiger had stood and gave their thumbs to Dad, who didn’t even have to hit.

On his way to his ball, which settled near the green bunker, Charlie took a detour, past Mike Thomas’ ball in the right bunker. Leave a note next to the ball and walk away.

The note reads: “Draw a hole!”

Epic Slide – got even better when we got to know the wallpaper.

During one of the roles Mike Thomas played on the set opposite Woods, Charlie had hit a hole in the driveway and in the trees. Then Mike tore off a piece of paper and wrote, “Draw a hole!” And put it under Charlie’s ball.

– Vengeance stings, Mike Thomas said and laughed.

– In a typical Woodsmanér, he kept the note and put it next to Dad’s ball when he bumped into the bunker. The vine. Justin Thomas said wonderful.

Team Woods and Team Thomas both ended the 10th day below par, each with 62 laps. It gives the joint sixth place with four other teams and both are four hits from the lead, held by Matt Kochar and his son Cameron.

Annika Sörenstam went for seven husbands with Tom’s dad.

This is the first competition I’ve played in where Tiger Woods also plays but he’s not the main character. He might have noticed this himself, since we were all walking along the range and stopped to see Charlie. Away from Tiger Road, let’s see. Three-time winner Padrig Harrington said it was just as incredible the hype created.

Tiger Woods himself was completely satisfied with the day.

– We had a lot of fun there together. We cheered for each other. It was perfect.

Charlie Woods was at the center of the PNC Championship on Saturday. / Photo: Getty Images

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