Charges have been brought against a man wearing Trump equipment who was seen intentionally exhaling on women outside the Trump golf club

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that Raymond Deskins, 61, of Sterling, Virginia, has been charged with a petty misdemeanor.

One of the women filmed a mobile phone video of the Saturday incident outside the Trump Club in Sterling and posted it on social media.

Loudoun County Police Office media officer Michelle Bowman confirmed to CNN that the accused man Raymond Dickens was the man in the video.

CNN was unable to access Deskins despite multiple attempts.

In the 24-second video, Dickens – who was not wearing a mask – can be seen having a verbal confrontation with the women who were there mourning Trump. It was not clear what happened before the video began.

Women can be heard telling him to turn away and come back to him. One of the women yelled at him, “Get away from me! Get away from me!”

The other woman said to him, “You don’t wake up in someone’s face,” and he replied, “I’m not in anyone’s face.”

She replied, “You’re in my face – and you don’t have a mask, so you have to make a backup.”

Then the man can be seen breathing hard, apparently in the direction of one of the women. The women were shocked when the man turned around with a smirk on his face.

One of the women shouted, “This is assault!”

The man shouted again, “I blow on you!” Then exhale at the woman who took the video.

“Two separate parties reported that they were assaulted during an altercation outside Trump National Golf Club,” the Loudon County Police Office said in a statement. “Since the incident was not witnessed by law enforcement authorities and the video did not fully capture the interaction, an investigation was conducted at the scene and both parties were advised that they could go to the Loudoun County Judge and request permission from the citizen.”

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LCSO later updated its statement to say: ‚ÄúThis afternoon, our MPs sent an order obtained by a citizen through a Loudon County Magistrate. Raymond Diskins, 61, of Stirling, Virginia, was charged with minor assault (misdemeanor) and released on the basis of Summon command. “

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