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Changing Sports In The United States – Now Muhammad Can Become A Professional

My coach here says I have a chance to take a place in the professional league. This is my goal now. I can see for myself that the opportunity is there, so it would be stupid not to try, says Mohamed Enousa.

He’s back home in Järfälla over Christmas and New Year and the new semester starts on Tuesday.

Train during the vacations

– Yes, in 06 I will be at the football field. Then it is important that you are in good shape. The instructor immediately sees whether or not you took care of yourself while on vacation.

That shouldn’t be a problem for Mohamed. He kept working and training, running and powering, for up to three hours a day while at home with the family in Järfälla.

But we’re going back a few years back. Mohamed grew up in Söderhöjden and played soccer for IFK Viksjö and Hässelby SK before his older brother Matinou Inoussa took the initiative to start his long-sleeper IF Söderhöjden Wasa club again.

I played in Section 6

Young Mohamed managed to play for two years in the first team of the Union in the sixth division before deciding to continue studying in the United States of America and at the same time he gambled on football.

Thanks to support from IF Söderhöjden and the family, Mohamed left the gym at Jakobsbergs with good grades and entered college at Glendale in Los Angeles. The plan was to do so well on the football field that he would receive a scholarship to continue his studies.

His career turned

But football didn’t go as planned, in part because it wasn’t a special priority at school. Instead, Mohamed’s sporting career has taken a whole new turn.

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– The coach in NFL wanted me to test, and things went very fast. Mohamed says I knew nothing about American football, but they understood and gave me the time I needed.

Put 20 kilos of muscles

For the trainer to see the potential in Mohamed makes perfect sense. He is 196 centimeters tall and weighs about 100 kilograms when “enlisted”.

Mohamed Enosa as a new American football player, in Glendale.

American football is very much about body building. I gained 20 kg of muscle very quickly and now I weigh 125-130 kg.

Likes clear roles

Mohamed plays in the defensive end. His role is to face the biggest opponents in their attack line, and don’t hesitate to break through to stop the midfielder or back off.

– My body is made for the position and I love that there are clear roles. “It is important that you do your job on the field,” Mohamed says, “and it will happen immediately if you don’t.”

Mohamed Enousa is to the left in Glendale’s burgundy shirt.

A clearer division of roles is a difference from “normal” football. Another Muhammad says is distress.

Called “the friendly giant”

In football, I move around all the time and read the match in front of me. In American football, I work out briefly and intensely, giving everything maybe only three to ten seconds at a time.

Apparently, Muhammad quickly adapted to the new sport. Quickly join Glendale’s college team and get more and more play time. His happy temper, always with a smile on his face, has been called the “friendly giant”.

Mohamed Enoussa wins the ball during a match with Glendale.

But once out on the field, the kindness faded. Instead, he put fear into his opponents with difficult interventions.

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Ten schools wanted Muhammad

The first season in American football went so well that Mohamed won scholarships from ten different schools for the next academic year. He chose Tarleton State University outside of Dallas, where he is now in his first year of two years before completing his degree in kinesiology and sports management. The move meant raising the bar when it came to American football.

Yes, the players here are much better, and the ones I met have practiced this sport from a young age. But things are going well for me, Mohamed says, as I continue to do.

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