Catherine Markal: “Boris Johnson wants to show he’s fast on the ball”

It was a very grim press conference earlier in the day when science advisors to the government made projections of what it might look like if people didn’t change their routines. Catherine Markal, SVT Actwelt UK-based journalist, said they expect tomorrow some form of new restrictions.

However, a complete lockdown of the country is not expected in the first place.

The British economy is one of the most difficult economies in Europe in terms of implementing the closure. And in the spring, British growth fell nearly twice the German rate, although there was a similar streak against the epidemic. But as the British economy relies more on stores and restaurants, it has infected the country more, says Catherine Markal.

Crowds of more than six people were banned for just over a week in the country.

One does not expect schools to close again, they have just reopened. There will be some kind of limitations, says Catherine Markal.

“I shut down the country too late”

The Swedish strategy was sometimes severely criticized, but the British population was not cruel to those in power on the question of whether the strategy was right or wrong.

Perhaps there was no stress from the strategy Johnson and his government pursued in Sweden. Catherine Markal says the criticism against Boris Johnson was that the country closed too late and that is why they were hit hard.

This appears to be exactly the criticism the government is trying to prevent by coming out and warning early. Now Boris Johnson wants to show he’s quick on the ball, she says.

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