Casper The Ghost and Yaeger release 1 song, “Peace n War”

Casper The Ghost and Yaeger are two of Sweden’s most promising artists. In recent years, the two laws have attracted attention at home and abroad. London concerts sold out, and was a flawless hit in the United States and a growing audience at home in Sweden. They have now done something together and are releasing their single “Peace n War”.

Casper The Ghost, consisting of Casper Brodin, Victor Hillbom and Yaeger and whose real name is Hanna Jäger, have long known and appreciated each other but never had the opportunity to compose music together. But in the end, they manage to spend time together in the studio and meet face to face for the first time. Then it went fast, a tune came out and a few hours later the first version of “Peace n War” was born.

I fell in love with Casper’s voice when I heard his song “Let Me Know”, and from that moment on I knew I wanted to write a song with him. We played at the same festivals and had mutual friends, so everything felt very normal. For me, this is a song about a relationship that doesn’t work, and it’s a relationship that you keep returning to no matter what. “ Yaeger says

“Peace n War” combines a tune that sticks to a text in which many can get to know themselves.

“The song is about a dysfunctional relationship, lies and false hopes, but despite all this, neither side can be torn apart, although maybe it should. I think many people will be able to relate to this song while they can have a nice atmosphere for the whole clip.” Casper says

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Peace n War will be released by Warner Music Sweden and Warner Music UK and be available on all platforms starting 3/20.

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