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New car sales in the UK It fell 97 percent in April compared to the previous month and is the lowest since 1946.

Large parts of society in the United Kingdom have been locked down in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, including auto factories and dealers. It also affects new car sales in the country. About 4,000 cars were registered last month Prilemen appearsHonor numbers, fatheraTrade association n andUK auto manufacturer, SMMT. The majority of sales were acquisitions.

New car sales are on it The lowest level since February 1946. Then 4,044 new cars were sold in Britain, but bear in mind that was two months after the end of World War II. The country was still legalizing and they tried to rebuild the nation after the war.

SMMT revised its full-year forecast for 2020 new car sales to 1.68 million registered vehicles compared to 2.31 million last year. Here at home, Bil Sweden has revised its forecast for new car sales for this year from 330,000 to 270,000 cars.

I bought a new car last month.

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