It was a very exciting final that ended 2-2 after full time and had to be decided in overtime. In the end, Canada was the strongest and thus took the gold medal at the 2021 Hockey World Cup. The 3-2 win means Canada won the 27th gold medal ever.

Canada stood for an outstanding turnaround in this tournament. They started the World Cup poorly and moved out of the group stage with the smallest difference possible. But in the qualifiers, Canada played big, winning against the Russian national team, the United States and now in the final against Finland.

The first half was equal shots and both teams had their chances. But it was Mikael Roohoma and Finland who broke the tie in the final when he put the score 1-0 after 9 minutes of play. A result that has stood the test of time. In the second period, Finland was initially sent off and had to play five against four before incurring another sending off and having to play three against five for a short period. These expulsions eventually became very difficult for Finland when Canada managed to draw 1-1 in Powerplay. At the end of the second half, Canada also scored a 1-2 goal in the match, but Finland chose to challenge the goal when they thought it was offside. After a video review, it turned out that Finland was right to defy the goal and was disqualified. So the match was exactly 1-1 after two periods.

In the third period, it was Canada who started the fastest, but it was Finland who took the lead when Petteri Lindbaum managed to give Finland a 2-1 lead in the final. But Canada would bounce back in the match and once again Canada took advantage of the situation in a strong game. Eight minutes before the end of the match, Adam Henrique tied the score 2-2. The result marked the match.

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Thus extra time was expected in the final match between Finland and Canada and the three matches against the three began. Unlike previous matches in the tournament, extra time in the final is played for 20 minutes instead of five minutes. The extra time was really fun with home and away chances for both teams. Finland and Rutsalainen came close to sealing the final after five minutes of play, but a shot from Rutsalainen took the crossbar and Canada managed to make the slightest difference. Instead, Canada managed to set the final minutes two minutes later when two Canadian players pulled out with a counter-attack as Nick Paul could decide the final in Canada’s favour.

Thus Canada won the match 3-2 and won the gold medal at the World Cup.