Can the authority lie and make false allegations?

The watchdog IVO now wants to stop treating patients with chronic jaw pain and confront them at all costs and is not ashamed of false allegations and slander. This first step is taken by Swedish expert and maxillofacial surgeon Irene Prednert-Johnson. It has now been reported to HSAN accused of operating without “proven knowledge and experience”. This is despite robust training in the United States, keeping accurate records of patients’ backgrounds, clinical findings, X-rays, bone tissue analysis and bacterial samples.

The Dental Hygiene Association’s (Tf:s) experience is that patients with long-term jaw and facial pain can be relieved or eliminated completely if the jawbone infections are removed. However, very few Swedish dentists perform such operations, and therefore we protect the ones that are.

Now the authorities want to stop the treatment in Sweden. This is done by registering the first Swedish expert in the field, dentist Irene Prednert-Johnson, to operate without “proven knowledge and experience”.

Everything is based on expert opinion with comments that often do not agree with the journals reviewed. Despite the fact that the dentist has dealt with several errors, she remains in sending the IVO to HSAN with a request to cancel her identity. In addition, at least one new error occurred in IVO’s own writings (see commentary on patient 15 in a letter to HSAN).

Confidentiality makes it hard to review
The authority may depend on the confidentiality that applies to the audited records. Therefore, no outside person can enter and conduct an objective examination without the permission of the patients. However, letters from patients, which do not constitute a confidential document, show several apparent inaccuracies in the IVO review.

As head of Tf, Ann-Marie Lidmark has had the opportunity to review several records and can state that they are detailed in terms of patient background (history), clinical findings, X-rays as well as jawbone sampling and bacterial analyses. There are reasons for the many errors in the IVO examination indicated by the dentist in his opinion.

MThe beauty of lies and slander
Thus the IVO supervisory authority does not hesitate to lie and misinterpret what is stated in the patient’s records examined. Even the fact that a dentist’s suspected diagnosis matches the test results provided does not speak in favor of the dentist.

It is not mentioned that almost all antibiotic prescriptions are placed only after a bacterial analysis has been done and according to recommendations made by the analysis laboratory. Instead, it is proposed to prescribe antibiotics for reasons that are unclear and in violation of STRAMA, claims that are completely unfounded.

Secret Records
The authority is well aware that medical records are confidential and no outsider can access and review them unless they obtain permission from patients. It is unlikely that HSAN officials or board members will read the records because that board relies on the IVO as an expert authority.

However, the President of the Dental Hygiene Association was given permission to read several records and thus could confirm infractions that the dentist had already drawn attention to IVO.

– The submission of the IVO to HSAN is full of misinterpretations and pure slander. Everything that is ingested turns into a questioning of the competence of the dentist. It’s as if a criminal network was involved in crafting the report, says Tf President Anne-Marie Lidmark.

The assignment of power has been overlooked
Tf takes it very seriously that power can lie and get away with the truth with impunity. None of the IVO’s mission to protect patients and care recipients or that supervision should be part of the learning process is stated in the IVO letter to HSAN.

Tf is a functional rights organization and most members have functional problems because of their teeth. Retaining dentists in Sweden with specialized competence is essential for our members. Of course we should be heard on issues relating to our members.

The association requested to meet with the Director General of IVO to discuss “future IVO procedures in relation to supervision and how Tf and patients should be able to actively participate” in it. IVO refuses to assimilate the current state and indicates the current state, though in IVO it ended up converting to HSAN.

There is a need to review the power
There is a reason for the National Audit Office and our elected politicians to review IVO procedures based on IVO’s mission, which is to protect patients and care recipients and to create a learning process for the caregiver. The situation described here is not the only case in which IVO is making incorrect statements and thus detrimental to patients and caregivers.

for more information– Contact Ann-Marie Lidmark, tel. 070742 79 57

for VO message To HSAN with Tf . Comments

The Swedish Dental Hygiene Association (Tf) is a member of Funktionsrätt Sverige and works towards more equal and healthier dental care. Organs have problems with dental materials, root canals, weak teeth or other problems that arise in the teeth. Many suffer from severe disabilities.


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