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A residential area needs more than just buildings – people must also be able to live their lives in the best way.

The Elinegård district of Malmö is now being created with new insights into our behaviors as a foundation.

It will be an inspiration for future projects, says Lotta Sjödin, Director of Innovation and Strategic Development at Ikano Bostad.

New production on Elinegård – read more here

Housing that makes the most of space, new types of buildings for residents to use together, service and green spaces. In Elinegård, near Öresund Bridge, housing company Ikano Bostad has taken an innovative holistic approach when the area is planned and built from the ground up.

We are developing a completely new area, which means that there are other problems that arise if you are building “only” a house. This is why we started with a human being, from a human perspective of where you should live and live, says Lotta Sjödin and continues:

– It is not only about, for example, that homes are climate smart, but also about how you move around the area, what kind of service is provided, and how to maintain proximity to the city while preserving nature.

Lotta Sujudin is Director of Innovation and Strategic Development at Ikano Bostad.
Lotta Sujudin is Director of Innovation and Strategic Development at Ikano Bostad.

Collaborate with IKEA

Much of the ideas that form the basis for how Elinegård was designed comes from Better Living – a strategic project Ikano Bostad implemented with furniture company IKEA, which became possible thanks to the founding of both companies by Ingvar Kamprad.

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Together, we looked at what urban and sustainable housing might look like in the future and one of the key insights is the question: What is a home? There we can see that the house is not only the home, but the people view the area as the home. We were able to bring this kind of knowledge to Elinegård, Sjodin says.

How did Better Life make a tangible impression on Elinegård?

On the other hand, we carefully looked at commercial buildings in the area, what kind of service would be appropriate? If you live smartly square, you want a nearby coffee shop as an extra living room. In the past year, it also became relevant with the opportunity to work at home or have a work area in the vicinity, which will also be possible.

Holistic approach to melody of the future

The ‘Crown Jewel’ in Elinegård will be a mobile building, which will be centrally located in the area and function as a natural meeting place. The majority of the parking spaces in the area are grouped together for cars with charging stations, bicycle parking with associated workshop and swimming pools with the possibility to borrow a car and bicycle here. The ground floor consists of a transparent block with high ceilings and lots of plants as well as commercial buildings. The house will also have common areas for residents to co-work, homework, a carpentry and painting workshop, a party room and a recycling room.

Planning is progressing in full swing with the relocation planned in 2023, and will be a daily focus for the entire region contributing to life and movement even in evenings and weekends.

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In the future, more of the areas that Icano Bustad develops will be similar to Ellengard with a clear holistic approach, Sujoudin believes:

We really have a way to develop customer-driven projects where we invite people and look at how homes and common areas are both designed based on people’s needs in everyday life. Elinegård is a good example as we have come a long way with those ambitions.

The laboratory that develops the homes of the future

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