British newspapers: No our vaccines

For the European Union, the delivery problem means almost 60 percent less doses than expected between January and March.

Irritability grows. The European Union wants to get what it pays for. How Astra solves it is up to them, according to the European Union. We are doing our best, and Astra has responded as it announced earlier this week also that it is not possible to break the agreement with the UK to compensate the European Union countries.

UK Home Secretary Michael Gove agreed that this was not an option.

No, the most important thing is to make sure that the plan that we have agreed on and that underpins our vaccination program is also implemented, as he said earlier in an interview with BBC Radio.

“Muscle twitch”

SVT’s David Poitty spoke of the European Union now tightening its muscles at the same time the British are defending their dosages. British newspapers run headlines like “No, you don’t get our vaccine” and “Selfish European Union wants our vaccine.”

It is not without the joy of injury that the tabloids mention that the United Kingdom is well ahead of the European Union in its vaccination program. Now they continue to get their vaccines as planned while the European Union is not getting them. Those in favor of Brexit believe it is an argument that it was the right choice to leave the European Union.

“The triumph of prestige for Johnson”

The United Kingdom has been hit hard by the mutated virus and has increased infection rates.

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It could be considered a kind of exact victory for Boris Johnson. At the same time, perhaps one should not take the tabloids so seriously. David Poitty says they love to stir up conflict and use international rhetoric.

Hear SVT European correspondent David Boati tell us more about vaccine conflicts in the clip above.

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