British musicians do not receive special visas for European Union tours

In an open letter published in The Times, more than 100 artists, including Elton John and Sting, accused the government of “shameful failure” in its mission to protect their interests. The hope was that the British government would offer visa exemptions to musicians, thus helping itinerant artists and their staff to travel freely in the European Union.

However, it was clear on Tuesday that this would not be the case. Caroline Dinnag, head of culture and digitization in the government, said during a parliamentary session that “the door is open” for future negotiations with the European Union, but that potential solutions will be about mitigation rather than exceptions. Hence, according to The Guardian, there will be no question regarding a private music permit.

At the same time, both sides accuse Each other because they discontinued a possible solution. The background to the conflict, according to EU sources, is that the British government did not want to give artists the opportunity to travel to the UK under similar circumstances. The government, for its part, responded that the EU proposal was not ambitious enough, and that it was in fact the European Union that rejected their solution.

A government spokesman said: “The UK wanted a more ambitious agreement with the European Union on the temporary movement of business travelers, which would have included musicians and others, but our proposal was rejected by the European Union.” NME.

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