British comedian Stephen K. Amos to Sweden

This spring, Stephen K. Amos to Sweden with his new show “Welcome to my world.” With his charming style and original material, the British comedian has built a huge crowd of fans all over the world. He has been dubbed “the best comedian there” (The Sunday Times) and has been praised for his timeliness and ability to “turn innocent statements into comic golden nuggets” (Herald Sun). On May 21, Stephen K. Amos performs at Stenhammarsalen in Gothenburg and on May 22, he will come to Södra Teatern in Stockholm. Tickets will be released on Wednesday 4 February at 9:00.

Always the Stephen K. Amos is one of Britain’s most famous and prolific comedians. He constantly makes stand-up tours in his home country and has sold 75 places with his show “The Feelgood Factor”. Additionally, Stephen K. Amos is a frequently hired actor and presenter on both radio and television.

Stephen K. Amos with his expansive charm and security on stage, and although he’s not afraid to bring up serious issues and tough problems during his backup shows, he always does so with a sparkle in his eye.

Stephen K. Amos is currently performing in several places across the UK after returning home from another tour of Australia and New Zealand. This spring, he will come to Sweden with his new show “Welcome to My World” and will then perform at Stenhammarsalen in Gothenburg on May 21, followed by Södra Teatern in Stockholm on May 22.

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His finely refined sensitivity turns his innocent statements into nuggets of comic gold.
/ Herald Sun

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“The best comedian there is”
/ Sunday times

‘Boosted Stand by a Enchanting Artist’
/time out


“Welcome to My World” tickets will be issued to Stephen K. Amos on Wed, Feb 4th at 9:00 am and will be purchased at Blixten.seAnd the 031-726 53 10 (Gutenberg) W. 08-531 99490 (Stockholm).

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