Bring Me The Horizon releases sixth day full-length ‘amo’

Multiplatin Sales and Grammy Awards Nominees bring me the HORIZON They release their sixth album todayThe main – the masterVia RCA.

The recording took place in Los Angeles where Ole Sykes and Jordan Fish took an interest in the production The main – the master For a big step in a new direction to bring me the HORIZON. It is one of their most updated and most diverse albums to date. The three singles have already been released, Mantra, mantraAnd the Wonderful life (Action. Danny Felth), And the Medicine, Has already accumulated 100 million broadcasts and 3 spots on BBC Radio 1 playlists. The New Song Native language It premiered at Zane Lowe’s Beats World Record on Tuesday.

2019 seems to be an equally great year bring me the HORIZON In 2018, when they sold more than 100,000 tickets for their European Tour, they were put into play for the first time ever on the British TV show. Sunday Brunch It earned a nomination for a Grammy Award Mantra, mantraTheir first single from The main – the master. This year, they will, among other things, put together their special day All points are east Festival on May 31 and visit Sweden running Lollapalooza June 28-29 at Gärdet in Stockholm. They have now embarked on a mega tour of the US and once again proved to be one of the most exciting and successful modern rock bands from the UK.

The main – the master Playlist

1. I apologize if I felt something
2. Mantra
3. Nihilist blues feat. Grimes
4. In the dark
5. A wonderful life feat. Danny Felth
6. Ouch
7. Medicine
8. Iced honey sugar and tea
9. Why should you kick me when I fall?
10. Fresh bruising
11. Mother tongue
12. Heavy Metal feat. departing
13. I don’t know what to say

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