Brexit negotiations are entering a more intense phase

The European Union and the United Kingdom promise to work intensively to bridge the gap in negotiations on the future relationship. Now there are only a few weeks left in the schedule before the trade and cooperation agreement is ready.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed on Saturday the state of play in the ongoing relationship negotiations after the country completely left the union at the weekend. Public.

In a joint statement, they stated that there were still “significant gaps” to reach an agreement.

“They have instructed the main negotiators to work extensively to try to bridge the gap. They agreed to talk to each other regularly on this issue,” he added.

The ninth round has been completed

The ninth round of negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom concluded on Friday. European Union chief negotiator Michel Barnier then indicated some progress, but progress is being made in areas such as personal data protection and the climate issue.

There are also “serious differences of opinion on very important issues for the European Union.” As before, this includes conditions for fair competition for companies, access to British fishing waters and how to deal with any violations of a future agreement.

On Monday, Michel Barnier will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who currently heads the cabinet, to discuss the matter. Barnier will also hold talks with the European Union countries most affected by the fisheries issue, including France, the Netherlands and Belgium. Relations with the UK will also be one of the main issues at next week’s EU summit.

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Negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom will resume on Wednesday. Boris Johnson has set the upcoming EU summit as a deadline to see if an agreement can be reached or whether one should prepare for a non-contractual scenario. The European Union set last October as the deadline for formally approving a possible deal.

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