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Brexit is something very dangerous

Photo: Ylva Säfvelin / AiP

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Britain goes to the polls today. Brexit dominates the elections.

Britain’s exit from the European Union is very dangerous. Believing that by quitting you are avoiding problems. Former Prime Minister Ingvar Carlson says you are doing better on your own than if you were in Europe trying to solve problems together.

Today Ingvar Carlson made a way into the political debate when he and Anne Mary Lindgren were introduced His new copy of the book “What is social democracy?” (Tanksmidjan Tiden). It discusses, among other things, how the Social Democrats relate to current issues around right-wing populism and immigration.

This is the same day the British go to the polls. Elections dominated by Brexit entirely, which in turn are based on the referendum that was marked by right-wing populist currents on the nation and the issue of immigration.

There are very conservative values ​​behind Brexit. It is an investment in yourself. Ignore the outside world. The problems arose because we are dealing with other people and other countries. This is a very dangerous mood, says Ingvar Carlson.

It’s also found in the United States, other European countries, and here at home. This is not just Britain’s problem, it is a problem for all democratic parties and above all for social democratic parties. This is the mood we have to take very seriously and combat.

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Ingvar Carlson was prime minister when Sweden applied to join the European Community and he played a crucial role in Yes’s victory in the 1994 referendum. It needs a solution at the international level.

Britain’s exit from the European Union has had the paradoxical effect of raising awareness in other countries of the existence of a European community. The risk of other countries following the UK, says Ingvar-Carlson, may not be great now.

Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Gary Knight

In Swedish social democracy, Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn is controversial. Some believe that S should be inspired by the Labor Party, which still gets 40% in the 2017 elections, and has succeeded in increasing the number of members and grassroots activists, at the same time that European social democracy is in crisis. Others say Corbyn took the party too far from the left to be elected.

Carlson was asked whether Labor’s radical election manifesto could inspire Swedish Social Democrats ahead of the 2022 election.

I was inspired by the British Labor Party. In my youth and early years, I felt the Labor Party had a lot to contribute to. But I honestly say that the current party leadership is a bit difficult to understand at times. Carlson replies: I don’t think we should copy the Labor Party, because they made some mistakes.

But there is an interesting line in both the UK and the US, which is that young people in particular are drawn to a more extreme message. I think we should listen and learn from this as we plan future electoral movements.

The Social Democrats’ secretary, Lena Radstrom Bastad, who was present at the show, nodded in agreement.

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– Ingvar Carlson, who also weighs the climate movement into this optimism, says there is something in society now that makes you dare to believe more in youth and women in politics.

It is permitted for me, who formed the first equal government, to say it: It is women and youth who may assume increased responsibility for radical values ​​that become practical politics.

Jan Soderstrom

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