Boris Johnson refuses to return Greek sculptures

Boris Johnson again denies Greece’s request to return the famous Parthenon sculptures. This was stated by the British Prime Minister in an interview in Greek Ta Nia newspaper on Friday.

In the early nineteenth century, Lord Elgin, a British diplomat in the Ottoman Empire at the time, removed the sculptures from the Parthenon on the rock of the Acropolis in Athens. When the temple was built about 2,500 years ago, it was decorated with marble sculptures by the famous artist Phidias. From what remains of the sculpture frieze, it remains about 50 meters in Athens and 80 meters in the British Museum in London.

Greece has always demanded To take back the business – more or less since the British diplomat dismantled it. But Britain does not allow itself to be disturbed: Johnson claimed in a Friday interview that the sculptures should be kept on British soil because Lord Elgin at the time obtained them legally.

“I understand the strong feelings of the Greek people and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on this issue,” Johnson told the Greek newspaper.

At the same time, he claimed that the British Museum is the rightful owner of the parts of the famous frieze called “Elgin Marbles” in Britain.

Boris Johnson repeats Britain’s earlier message: the Parthenon sculptures are legitimately owned by the British Museum.

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Since the tide of Greece The government came to power in 2019, and the conflict escalated over the sculptures. Shortly after Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis took office, he proposed a change. He would have been willing to loan valuable ancient artifacts to London if Greece had the sculptures back by 2021 – when the country celebrates 200 years of its independence. Reuters. The exchange will be temporary – with the ultimate goal of moving the sculptures to Athens permanently.

I don’t think Britain should fight a battle to lose. In the end, they will lose. Mitsotakis said at the time that the pressure would rise.

It was believed that the carvings should be returned to their original area – in order to unify the cultural heritage.

Greek Culture Minister Lena Mendoni previously described Elgin as a “serial thief” and claimed that Johnson appears unaware of historical evidence that the diplomat did not legally purchase the sculptures, according to reports. Watchman.

“As far as Greece is concerned, the British Museum is not the rightful owner of the statues,” Mendoni said.

Parthenontemplet I am Aton.

Parthenontemplet I am Aton.

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