Book Circle: This is how strong knowledge of our genes grew until February 25 on 12.09 – Vetenskapsradion Hälsa

In times when development is very rapid in the genetic domain with opportunities to map hereditary diseases, to treat them to some extent and also to theoretical opportunity to influence heredity in children and grandchildren in the future – it might be a good idea to have a good foundation to stand on.

We hope you can get it by following the Vetenskapsradion book circuit where we talk about genes based on Siddhartha Mukherjee’s book “The Gene – A Very Special Story”.

Together with science historian Peter Hellstrom and genetic mentor Charlotte Ingvoldstad Malmegren, we think of the book’s first round of episodes on everything from Plato’s ideas on heredity in the third century B.C. to Darwin’s ideas on evolution and natural selection.

When did Plato mean that a complete man could be created? In what ways could a text from Isaiah in the Old Testament influence one of Darwin’s most revolutionary ideas?

Join the Writers’ Circle on the last Thursday of every month for a period of six months. Then together we can read the 600-page book. The book can be borrowed from libraries as an electronic book, or perhaps from an antique store as it was published in 2018.

Welcome to the Vetenskapsradion Hälsa book circle about Genen – a very special story!

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