Bolivia’s ex-president is accused of terrorism

“I can inform the Bolivian people that Janine Anez has already been arrested and is in police custody,” a ministerial statement said. Twitter During Saturday morning, Sweden time.

Janine Anez is accused of carrying out a coup and deporting her predecessor, the socialist leader Evo Morales, who was ousted in 2019. Anez’s conservative interim government ruled until the fall elections, when Morales’ socialist party won again Maas and his party colleague Luis. Arce was sworn in as president.

Accused of terrorism

Anez, accused of terrorism, among other things, published the arrest warrant in a post dated Twitter.

Anez wrote, “Political persecution has begun. Maas decided to return to an expression of dictatorship,” which he described his arrest as illegal.

“It was not a coup, it was a constitutional succession due to electoral fraud,” she wrote in another post.

Morales demands punishment

Morales has commented on Twitter. In one of the publications, he demanded that the perpetrators of the dictatorship and their accomplices should be investigated and punished.

Evo Morales won the election in the fall of 2019, after running for a fourth term in violation of the constitution. Violent protests erupted after allegations of electoral fraud and the military demanded a morale resignation. In the end, the socialist leader was forced to flee the country – at which point the ezñez caretaker government took power. During the eleven months in power, many of Morales’ government was seized by the new Conservative government.

Maas still has strong support in several parts of the country, and was able to regain power in the October 2020 elections.

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