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Body spray vs cologne difference

Life StyleBody spray vs cologne difference

What aspects make cologne different from body spray?

Everything has its own characteristics that are of great importance and these factors may vary from other ones. Here we are going to discuss body spray vs cologne. Body spray is normally used on the areas where there is more sweating like under arms, while on the other hand cologne is used on those areas where there is less sweating like behind the ears and on the front side of the wrists. Body spray lasts a beautiful scent for a short time as compared to the cologne and evaporates more quickly. After some time after applying the body spray, the fragrance changes and fades away, while the cologne’s fragrance remains the same for two to three hours. Body spray is used by both men and women, but cologne is mostly used by the women.

Most popular body sprays or colognes

The body sprays or colognes are different because of their different scents made up of different ingredients. Different people choose different sprays according to their taste. Some of the most popular body sprays are given as under:

  • Good Chemistry Body Mist Spray for Women Queen Bee
  •  Kai Body Glitter
  • Pacifica Dream Moon Hair & Body Mist
  • Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino Full Body Spray
  • Chanel No 1 by Chanel L’eau Rouge Revitalizing Fragrance Mist
  •  La Prairie Cellular Energizing Mist Body Spray
  • Miss Dior Silky Body spray
  • Best Aromatherapy-Inspired Spray: Erbaviva Relax Body Spray
  • Jo Loves A Fragrance Body Mist in Tuberose
  • Natura Brasil Ekos Fragrances Acai Freshness Eau de Toilette
  • The Body Shop Coco

Colognes are also available in different scents in the market and are liked by the public. Some of the mostly used colognes are as follows:

  • Gucci Guilty perfume for men
  • Dior Sport Man cologne
  • Tom Ford Costa Azul perfume
  • Viktor & Rolf Spice Bomb cologne
  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian L’Homme À la Rose
  • YSL Y eau de parfum set
  • Burberry hero

How to know about using body spray or cologne?

Before using anything, you must know how to use it and know when to use it. You should follow the given instructions and follow appropriate timing of its proper usage. You can use body spray or cologne to fresh yourself, when you are feeling dull or bore. This not only makes you fresh but also makes you active and more confident. If you are sweating or smelling bad, then you should use body spray or cologne to make yourself fresh and to avoid discomfort for yourself and also for others. Spray two to three times the body spray on the places, you feel smelly or apply cologne by rubbing your wrist against each other.

What is the appropriate quantity of body spray and cologne, you should use?

Body spray vs cologne is a trending topic nowadays and different question are raising about this topic. How much body spray or cologne should be used is one of the mostly asked questions. You are not forced to use them in large quantity, rather you can use a few drops for effective results.

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