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Blue eyes have been linked to higher rates of alcohol dependency

Blue eyes have been linked to higher rates of alcohol dependence. Knowing everything about genetics is no less than rocket science as many aspects and things are yet to be discovered.

Different doctors and professors gave statements about the direct link between eye color and dependency on alcohol. A University of Vermont study and show its results on the dangers of alcohol by founding a link between people with light-colored eyes and an increased risk of alcoholism.

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It was first described in 2015 by Dr. Uros Salvari and his assistant professor Daoi Li, and since then the research has become of interest to many researchers. They have created a comprehensive database of more than 10,000 people.

Dr. Solovari discovered a link between a person’s eye color and alcohol dependence, and the researchers triple-checked his work to ensure.

He gave a statement;

“This suggests an interesting possibility: eye color may be useful in the clinic for diagnosing alcohol dependence.”

They found that people with light-colored eyes had a higher rate of alcohol dependence than people with dark-colored eyes.

Some researchers have tried hard to find the answer to why people with lighter eyes are more likely to be hurt by alcohol. They also found that such people are already prone to psychological disorders, which is a common point among them.

Much more evidence and studies will be needed on the possible link between eye color and higher rates of alcohol dependence.

The researchers plan to further test the links between a person’s cultural background and genetic makeup to clarify why people are the way they are.

This subject is still inexplicable as it relates to genetics. Many researchers are working to fill in the performance encompassing all the questions related to this fact and satisfy the public to a great extent.



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