Blinken pressed China in the first talks

Blinken pressed China in the first talks

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken raised the issue of how China would deal with Uighur, Tibetan and Hong Kong minorities in her first talks with senior Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.picture: Evan Fauci / AP / TT

China defended its policy on the phone call, which was the first among senior politicians in the two countries since Joe Biden became president of the United States.

“I have made it clear that the United States will defend our national interests, defend our democratic values, and hold Beijing accountable for its misuse of the international system,” Blinken wrote. Twitter.

Blinken also pressured China to agree to the international community’s condemnation of the military coup in Myanmar, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry.

During the conversation, Yang Jiechi emphasized that Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet are China’s domestic policies, with no relation to foreigners. The Chinese embassy in the United States said in a statement that it called on the United States to “correct the mistakes” made in recent years.

He is also said to have urged Washington to strictly adhere to the “China” principle, which means recognizing Taiwan as part of China. According to Yang Jiechi, this issue is the most important and sensitive when it comes to relations with the United States.

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