Biles’ Historic Achievement – Led the US to fifth in a row in gold

It was American Simon Biles who ended the competition with her independent show. The leadership of the Americans at the time was so great that the star essentially faltered, losing gold.

And of course it didn’t. Instead, the 22-year-old once again displayed a double reflexology with a triple helix, which is the combination that she is Alone to master In an international tournament. The branch became the best with 15,333 points.

Biles has reached another historical milestone

The victory means Biles is now historic as the woman who won the most World Cup medals of her career: 21, including Bravery today.

In addition, the team is also close to making history, with the Americans touching the record for Romania winning five gold medals in a row.

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Behind that, expectations, especially for Russia and China, were second and third places from last year. The Russians fought well and defended the World Cup silver, but China lost unexpectedly.

Rookie won a bronze medal: “I didn’t think it was possible”

By a narrow margin, emerging Italy sailed to bronze. The team could barely believe it themselves after that when they cheered for the medal. The total score for Italy was 164,796, compared to 164,230 for China.

Ladies and gentlemen in Italy and Italy. This is an achievement that I never thought was possible by the Italian team, comments Anna Maria Fredholm of SVT.

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There are many other countries I’ve sat in before, almost all of them, says Veronica Wagner, an expert at SVT.

The defining moment for Italians came when the 16-year-old Asia D’Amato boom was last seen. In the absence of Vanessa Ferrari, the team’s biggest star, the young comer kept his nerves in check and got 13,266 points.

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