Biden urged that Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive of Google, not be selected for the management position

  • More than a dozen progressive organizations published an open letter to President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday, warning him not to appoint anyone with “close ties to Google” to run him.
  • The groups write that they “want to make sure that the Internet is not dominated by a small number of companies and that it remains free and open.”
  • The groups said Biden should avoid giving Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive of Google, a role, after the Financial Times described Schmidt as a potential leader for a new tech task force at the Biden White House.
  • The letter to Biden said that the appointment of Schmidt would “break up a democratic alliance” and “alienate the overwhelming majority of voters.”
  • A source familiar with the matter told Recode that Biden’s transition team had not discussed a planned role of Schmidt.
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More than a dozen progressive groups published an open letter to President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday, urging him not to appoint people with “close ties to Google”, including former CEO of the tech giant Eric Schmidt, to senior positions in his administration.

The 14 progressive groups – including Project Turnstile, a group that scrutinizes CEO appointments – urged Biden to take a “hard-line stance against the influence of individuals with close ties to Google.”

The groups write that they “want to make sure that the Internet is not dominated by a small number of companies and that it remains free and open.”

Financial times mentioned On November 8, Schmidt was discussed as a potential leader of a new technology industry task force at the White House, without describing his sources.

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Biden has not publicly discussed Schmidt’s role, and Silicon Valley sources close to Biden’s team said Recode Tuesday they were not aware of any plans to appoint Schmidt. One of the sources familiar with the matter said Biden’s transition team had not discussed Schmidt’s planned role.

A Schmidt spokesperson declined to comment on the Business Insider website.

the messageSchmidt’s appointment, also signed by the Open Markets Institute, Telecoms Workers of America, Center for Action on Race and the Economy, and others, said the appointment would alienate “the vast majority of voters … who want to see the economy restrain the power of big business.”

“ Upon reviewing the disclosure of your transfer of their agency review teams, we were surprised and concerned about the widespread impact of people with close professional ties to Google in general and more specifically, Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google with a stake that currently stands at several billion dollars in The company. ”

Groups indicated A lawsuit against monopoly A lawsuit was filed against Google by the Department of Justice on October 20. The case argues that Google’s rivals have been denied by a web of exclusionary business deals, the tech giant’s biggest legal challenge yet.

They said that Schmidt’s presence in a senior US government position “could have a chilling effect on the advancement of American antitrust policy.”

The letter said Schmidt’s appointment would risk “dismantling the democratic alliance” and “alienating the vast majority of voters.”

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The groups also pointed to the news Schmidt was said to have been getting Citizenship In the European island, Cyprus, for each Recode, Allowing him to travel to the European Union and potentially reap tax benefits. Schmidt declined to comment on Recode at the time.

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In light of the news, the groups said, Schmidt’s appointment would send a “dangerous message” during a period of “historical wealth inequality”.

Schmidt has an estimated net worth of $ 15 billion and is one of the richest people on the planet.

Groups also referred to A. The survey By Demand Progress, in which more than half of the people agreed that Biden would refuse to appoint any individuals with ties to major tech companies sued by the Justice Department.

“The American people are divided about many things, but not about what they consider fundamental issues of legal and economic justice like this,” they said.

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