Biden tears up Trump’s decision to ban Tik Tok

During the run-up to his presidency, Donald Trump attempted to ban Tiktok and Wechat apps in the United States. He could only imagine leaving the apps in the country if they were owned by US companies. This led to a lengthy lawsuit in which the Federal Court stopped the law from actually taking effect.

Incumbent President Joe Biden has now chosen to tear up his predecessor’s directive, as reported by several US media outlets.

But this does not mean free access to applications. The new directive includes that the US Department of Commerce must investigate potential security risks with applications associated with a foreign power.

Wants to protect personal data

Security risks can include transactions with this type of application, but also how US authorities can meet the need to protect individuals’ data from falling into the hands of intelligence services in other countries.

Officials say The Wall Street Journal They are concerned about Chinese applications and are happy with the new directive. This is because Trump’s proposal will never go into effect.

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