Biden tears down Trump’s immigration laws

US President Joe Biden has signed three presidential immigration decrees. The purpose is to tear apart the legislation of its representative, Donald Trump, that has, among other things, separated children from their parents on the US border with Mexico.

US President Joe Biden signs new presidential decrees while the country’s newly appointed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayuras watches.picture: Evan Fauci / AP / TT

During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden promised to withdraw a long list of Donald Trump’s immigration laws and orders and make the United States more immigrant friendly.

On Tuesday, he signed three presidential decisions in this regard, and he did so with the words:

– We have now started working to remove the moral and patriotic shame that the previous government’s policy brought about, which extracted children from their parents’s arms literally and not metaphorically.

Although the Trump administration was forced to reduce its zero-tolerance policy in 2018 due to intense criticism, also internally, hundreds of children remain separated from their parents after trying to enter the United States without permission.

A zero-tolerance policy was introduced for the purpose of declared deterrence.

Biden has now ordered the formation of a special working group that will work exclusively on reuniting separated families.

The group will be headed by Alejandro Mayurcas, who on Tuesday approved the appointment of the interior minister. He was then sworn in during the evening in front of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Another presidential decree signed relates to choosing the policy that Trump Representative Barack Obama tried to follow, which is that immigrants can apply for residence permits in the United States from their countries of origin.

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The third issue concerns the legal integration of millions of immigrants already in the United States, and the facilitation of applying for US citizenship.

At the same time, Biden must carefully balance his actions. If it went too fast, Republicans could slow action, among other things by filing lawsuits. Biden has previously received criticism from the Republican side for signing many presidential orders, in order to bypass lawmakers in Congress.

There was a lot of talk, not without reason, about the number of presidential decrees she signed. But this is not about writing new laws. Biden said in the White House that I am erasing bad policy, newly signed orders beside him.

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