Biden is close to winning the election – but nothing has been decided yet – ECOT News

Late last night, Swedish time, speculation from CNN showed that Biden would be making the profit in important Wisconsin. Shortly thereafter, the presidential candidate gave a speech.

I know it won’t be easy. I’m not naive, neither of us. He said I know how deep and difficult the differences of opinion can be when it comes to so many things in our country.

Biden’s speech contained many of the ingredients that his victory speech could have contained. The former vice president said that he wanted to unify the country, that we had to learn to respect each other again and that there would be no red or blue funding under his leadership, only the United States.

Despite clear indications of a future presidency, he did not want to declare himself the winner of the election.

According to Nyhetsbyrån AP forecast Biden won 264 electoral votes. Winning requires 270.

In four states, it is still possible to determine which candidate garnered voter support, according to the Associated Press. This is Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina.

It’s enough for Biden to win one of those states to win the entire election. On the one hand, Trump must win all four states to remain in the White House for a second term. The current president has a harder road, but he is unbeaten.

Trump’s campaign as well Launching its expected attack against the electoral process in several states.

In Wisconsin, the campaign will demand a recount, and in at least three other states, subpoenas have been filed to demand a halt to the vote count and give election observers better transparency in the vote count.

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At a press conference in Pennsylvania, Trump’s lawyer, Rudi Guiliani, said the postal vote could be from March.

“Maybe Joe Biden is the one who voted 5,000 times, we don’t know,” he said.

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