Better parental controls on Netflix

Netflix is ​​improving the content of the section for kids, so families have greater options in these times when they have to stay home one way or another.

Therefore, parents also get “the tools they need to make the right decisions for their families.” It is about updating and improving the various tools according to the desires of the users.

Parents can now:

  • Protect individual profiles with PIN codes so that children cannot use them.

  • Personalize your children’s Netflix experience by filtering titles that are not appropriate for their age group. These filters vary from country to country and rely on local recommendations to make them more accessible.


  • Delete individual series or movies from profile by title. When this filter is activated, the blocked filter does not appear under the current profile.


  • Easily see all the settings that each profile contains, under Profile and Parental Controls in Account Settings.


  • See what kids have seen on their profile.
  • Turn off automatic playback of episodes in sub-profiles.

The tools are already in place, just go to the account settings on your mobile phone, TV or any other device.

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