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Best: Team17 – Gamereactor

Team17 is one of several talented developers from England. In this article, I want to find the 3 games that I think are the best with this developer. The studio has a long legacy of gaming that stretches back into the gaming world. The studio can be traced back to 1990, when Michael Robinson (from England), president of Microbyte which is a UK computer chain, hired developers to work for his game publishing studio called 17-Bit Software. Andreas Tadic from Sweden, Rico Holmes, along with Swedish programmer Peter Tulipi, created a development team internally within a 17-bit program that they called Team 7. What happened next is that publisher 17-Bit Software merged with developer Team 7 into Team17. By doing this merger, the new Team17 can act as a publisher and developer. The studio has developed and released games in many genres over the years such as party, sports and fighting games. Team17 also has a history of finding quirky new concepts and helping the people behind them develop their ideas for games and brands. For this article, series of games get 1 place max. On the other hand, Body Blows should be given a consolation prize, which is underestimated and contested for third place on the list.

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The best: Team17

(3) Superfrog
Colorful game of magical wonders and amazing monsters. You take on the role of a frog in a red cloak in a typical 90’s platform game. The game is similar to Rayman and Super Mario to give some comparative examples. It’s a game that’s fallen into oblivion, but I think it’s one of the most magical 2D games of the ’90s genre. It should be noted that during this time period, you will fully take over the 3D games. Superfrog didn’t really have accuracy like Super Mario, or speed like Sonic, but it still offered something of its own. Nice presentation and nice music accompanied by very good platform game. Even if the game lacks the same jumping precision, it isn’t quite as bad as that of Crash Bandicoot. The game has stood the test of time well, and to this day remains a typical period of time and fun experience on the platform.

The best: Team17

(2) Strange breed
The game from 1991 is a classic game and it manages to create an exciting and scary shooting game for its time. You play as a space soldier who must survive different environments infested with aliens. These aliens share a common design with the Alien movies and the first game could easily be lost like this. The game’s design is very reminiscent of a Gauntlet from 1985. It’s an isometric action experience where you rotate, shoot, and animate the character in environments. The game environments, music, and game mechanics were great for their time. Despite attempts in the modern era to revive the brand, they have not succeeded well. The latest Alien Breed game from 2010 received a lukewarm reception. Although the first and second games are fully playable to this day, the game from 1994 is the best part of the series. Improvements in Alien Breed are noticeable. The move from Amiga to PC has also made a difference, but difference above all that wins the segment over its predecessors. The game looks good, plays well, is challenging and looks good for its time. Although the game series can be accused of being repetitive, there is magic in shooting monsters on the assembly line. Alien Breed is the best the series has to offer.

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The best: Team17

(1) Worms: A World Party
The Worms series has many games that are hard to track today. However, it does offer fun to play that some games can match, when you meet the enemy with a sacred grenade and spontaneously blast into the song, you know something is good. This game series is synonymous with Team17 in the modern era. Someone will likely ask why worms are not used: weapons of mass destruction or maybe worms: 3D. Had I played a lot in multiplayer mode, I might have put Armageddon in there because the game is still up to date today. However, I have always preferred the little but important news and extra content that can be found at Worms: World Party for one or more players locally. There’s also a great job editor that was not previously included. As it looks with Worms: Armageddon, the game will continue to be updated. Team17 has hired people from the game community to take care of it for a number of past years. When the rest of the content is moved from Worms: World Party to Armageddon, there is no debate about which of the games has the most to offer. Until then, fans of Worms: Armageddon will have to put up with the fact that some hooligans like the sequel more.

What makes me come back to Worms: World Party is that it is synonymous with everything the series does well. Crazy weapons, cool level destruction, great opportunity to customize game sessions and incredibly entertaining to play with friends locally. Then I didn’t even mention the extraordinary presentation, beautiful visual design, and great music even today. Additionally, the game is great for both single and multiplayer players. The entire series of games is one of the best games in the genre of artillery strategy games that you can get for money today. Therefore, it is also difficult to choose a game that is better than others. Whether you prefer 3D games or the new Worms: WMD, all games are elaborate and with great entertainment value. When I think of Worms, I think of Worms: Armageddon and Worms: World Party. Both games are Team17 at their best. At the moment, I think the latter is somewhat more enjoyable thanks to a number of new features that suit my way of playing games better than its predecessor. If I had a choice, I would have put both games in one place because the games complement each other’s weaknesses.

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