Best in the test: This is how you get beautiful, full lashes

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Naturally Fluffy or Sharp Cones – This season’s news offers specially designed brushes that detail and build length and volume while eyelashes are enhanced with caring ingredients.

Who among us does not want beautiful eyelashes? In addition to finding a good product, it is important to apply mascara correctly. We offer you three favorites and six easy steps to getting cute eyelashes:

1. Choose a mascara with a brush that matches your lashes based on the type of eyelashes you want: size, shape or length. Thicker or spiral-shaped brushes often work with a dense row of eyelashes, while comb-like and sparse brushes work well for short, sparse lashes.

2. Use an eyelash curler if you have short eyelashes. A certain technique is required to get the curvature at the edge of the lash line, but practice gives skill. Feel free to fold the eyelashes in three steps, closest to the root of the eyelashes, in the middle and at the far end.

3. The applicator is curled with a light hand from the root of the eyelashes to the top of the lashes. If you want to increase volume and length, repeat the procedure after the mascara dries.

4. Press and hold the brush for a short time near the root of the eyelashes so that the color surrounds the root of the eyelashes – especially if you have light and blonde eyelashes.

5. Use the top of the brush or mascara brush to paint the bottom row of eyelashes and to cover the delicate lashes from the corner of the eye. Long eyelashes that touch the skin easily get mascara stains, protect the skin with a cotton ball when applying mascara or skipping mascara.

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6. Comb the lashes with a comb / brush if you want separate lashes. Many layers of mascara make the lashes look like cobwebs, one layer of mascara is enough if you want to have a natural look.

Great look, Pür cosmetics

Cool effect

The long, narrow brush gives incredibly long lashes and builds volume, separating nails and giving a gentle curl in one swipe. There will be so many products on the column that I can live with, just to delete them. Add caring ingredients like argan oil, vitamin E, antioxidants, omega-3s and 9 fatty acids. Drop straight for this mascara!

Lash Idol, Lancome

Even deep blacks

Oh, how easy is it to get nice sharp eyelashes with a slightly curved silicone brush. The spikes encircle the lashes at the root and give the line a subtle depth and even darkening. Mascara gives my short lashes amazing length while separating them. Classic fancy packaging doesn’t make things worse. February news that will live on for a long time.

Volumizing superhero mascara from cosmetics

Long and thin

The mascara is easy to apply and suits both short and long lashes, one application is enough to build a long fluffy line. Mascara has a conical brush that separates well – it does not give a super-result, which gives a mischievous look. Had you given a slightly larger rootstock volume, you would have given a full volume.

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