Beer tip for this week: The British hit a beer and unknown …

Experts recommend an exciting pelican from the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden.
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As the business week draws to a close, many are looking forward to a really good beer.

Fortunately the beer connoisseurs at Allt om Vin Petur Olafsson and Fredrik Berggren, of GBG Beer Week, suggest the best beers before each weekend.

Here are 3 good beers on Systembolaget right now – this week with a successful beer from the UK, an unknown Spanish ipa and a Swedish stout.

PALE ALE Northern Monk Faith (11695) Great Britain, Kr 24:90

A Hazy Pale Ale – Not a cloudy humble IPA. Smells of lemon muffins covered with pineapple. Its taste is the same. Fruity and cakey, bright and juicy, light but still with a certain hop. Northern Monk is a hit with this flagship beer in the British food chain Tesco, with a 3-pack of £ 5, however, we won’t see it in Sweden.

Rating: 4 out of 5

IPA Arriaca IPA (11776) Spain, 25:20 kron

It turns out this is a really good, strong IPA from a somewhat unknown Spanish brewery. Something very different from the all-inclusive beer in the pre-pandemic sun trips. Fruity jam with hints of ripe black berries and a crunchy edge of an almond biscuit. In the background is fresh menthol-colored bitterness with hints of resin and conifers. Salud Ta Meg fan!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Imperial Stout Jamtlands Coffee Stout (34988) Sweden, 28.90 SEK

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No doubt about it. This aroma is similar to a cup of Jämtland Elva coffee, but has a sweet, fruity espresso taste almost similar to Turkish coffee. Ingredients of powdered sugar, chocolate, dates and dark beans. It’s delicious, but with a 7 percent alcohol content, it’s better suited for an evening comfort than a morning coffee. List of requests.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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