BC Luleå recruits US striker – NSD

Now damn, it’s the quick jolts that matter. Just 45 minutes after BC Luleå lost the first leg against Jämtland, the club announced that it had found AJ Davis’ sacked replacement.

American striker Tristen Wali is 201 cm tall and has played this season with Cypriot Abob Bafo. In terms of Wally’s stats, he’s exactly what Lulia needs and what I think of first is the Yankee’s average yield of 11.6 per match.

If the 25-year-old approaches these numbers, he will learn to help a lot – not least with the Jumtland game in Fresh Memory.

Then the average of 17 points and 37 percent of shooting from the three-point streak doesn’t hurt in the least.

It is comprehensive and helps us on many levels. We also think he’s an easy player to join the team. It will fit what we have already built so far with the rest of the group, “says BC Luleå coach Peter Öqvist on the club’s website.

Something that could indicate Lolea was right is that the club turned to former co-star Brandon Roszel for advice. He played against Tristen Whaley in Cyprus and that must mean something even if he’s not entirely certain.

For Luleå, hiring is just in time. Now a long break of nearly two weeks is waiting for the national team’s European Championship qualifiers, which means the new Yankees in the squad are getting a lot of training in their luggage before it’s first time against Södertälje on February 26th.

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