BBC radio is banned in China. China takes revenge on Britain

China has revoked the BBC’s British broadcasting license for BBC World News in China as the Chinese RTA believes the channel seriously violates guidelines for how foreign media should report from the country.

Many people consider the broadcast license launched by the BBC in China as retaliation for the UK office ofcom revoking the broadcast license for the Chinese news channel CGTN earlier this month. This was done after the authority deemed the CGTN to be under the control of the Chinese state, which was not permitted under the Ofcom Rules. After Ofcom revoked CGTN’s license, the channel was no longer allowed to broadcast in the United Kingdom, Germany, and several other European countries.

BBC World News in China has, among other things, broadcast articles on Chinese internment camps in the Xinjiang region of China. Among other things, hundreds of thousands of people from the Uyghur Muslim minority group have been reported to have been imprisoned and indoctrinated.

It should be noted that BBC World News was not freely available on the Chinese mainland. The channel was mostly available only in international hotels in China and Hong Kong.

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