Authorities are investigating Donald Trump’s stay at Mar-a-Lago

When Trump bought the property in 1985, he transformed it from a private home into a luxury member resort. In this regard, he agreed to the authorities’ demands to limit their stay there.

Now some residents claim In the city that the businessman violates the conditions. During his presidency, he has crossed time limits and is now there since leaving the White House on January 20.

“This case is being investigated lawfully,” city manager Crick Plowen told CNN in an email, saying they are studying the agreement to see if Trump can permanently settle in the facility.

The issue may be raised at a city council meeting on February 9th.

Neither Trump nor the others Members can stay in the facility for more than 21 days a year and for a maximum of one week in a row. A club may not have more than 500 members at the same time as there are parking and traffic rules. According to CNN, Trump signed the agreement with his signature.

In December, the Trump camp claimed that there was no document or agreement preventing the president from using Maralago as his residence.

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