Auburn is said to have coached Jos Malzan after he scored 68-35 in eight seasons to lead the Tigers

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Auburn On Sunday it was announced that coach Jos Malzan will be relieved of his duties with immediate effect. Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele will act as the Tigers’ interim head coach as they prepare for the Bowl Match.

Malzan will receive a $ 21 million purchase as part of his seven-year, $ 49 million contract signed two seasons ago.

“After assessing the state of Auburn’s football program, we decided it was time for a leadership change to take place,” Auburn Sports Director Allen Green said in a statement. “We appreciate everything GAS has done for the show over the past eight seasons. We will immediately start looking for a coach who can help Auburn to consistently compete at the highest level.”

Malzahn was 68-35 in eight seasons as a Tiger coach with a 39-27 mark in a SEC match. He led Auburn to a SEC Championship victory and appearances in a BCS Championship match during his first season in 2013, but the Tigers lost that national title 34-31 to Florida.

Auburn won the SEC West in 2017 and entered the SEC championship game with a college soccer attachment dock in hand just to land on Georgia In that game he lost to Facebook UCF In a bowl of peaches.

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Malzahn is one of the rare coaches to have seen consistent success against them Alabama Coach Nick Saban set a record 3 to 5 eight Iron Ball encounters, including a 48-45 win in 2019. However, Crimson Tide dominated the Tigers 42-13 in this season’s rivalry match on November 28.

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Despite the taste for success on the national stage and the ability to challenge Bama more than any other SEC coach, Auburn has had a problem with consistency over the past five years of Maltese. She hasn’t finished sixth in convention in per-game offensive arenas over the past six seasons, and the only time she finished above sixth in total fouls was in 2017 at SEC West where she averaged 451.6 yards per game. This is especially disturbing because Malzahn wrote a book on the success of the crime of precipitating and not gathering.

This trend continued in his last match in the program on Saturday night. The Tigers only gained 343 yards in a 24-10 victory over Mississippi

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