At least 55 people in Sweden have been infected with a new variant virus – Radio Sweden in easy Swedish

Coronavirus changes and there are new variants. They are called mutations. Viruses evolve and change all the time. But sometimes the genome changes so that the virus becomes more contagious or more dangerous.
New types of Coronavirus have been discovered in the United Kingdom and South Africa. It doesn’t seem to make people sicker, but it does appear to be more contagious. Experts don’t yet know for sure. In the United Kingdom, nearly half of the newly infected people now have the new type of virus. It has now been discovered in at least 60 other countries.

In Sweden, virus samples are being analyzed Discover new variants. So far, only a small number of people from South Africa have been found, and 55 people have been infected with the new virus from the United Kingdom, 16 of whom have no connection to travel from the United Kingdom.

Yesterday, several experts told Ekot this Further analyzes of virus samples are needed in Sweden to discover the new variant from the UK. They said he was in a hurry. If the infection spreads faster with the new virus variant, it could be a big problem. Jan Albert, professor of infection control at Karolinska Institutet, tells Ekot.

We have a healthcare system that’s a bit close to what we can handle, and if we get more infections spread due to a new variant, that’s not good. Jean Albert says it’s not good at all.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell says so Further virus test analyzes will be conducted in Sweden. There will be more and more analyzes in the coming weeks. He’s not worried about the spread of the British alternative in Sweden at the moment. There are still a few cases found in Sweden. There is no big spread here, he says.

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We have no indication that they are taking Sweden, as we have seen in the United Kingdom. Anders Tegnell says there are very few cases still being researched in everything we test.

The Public Health Agency encourages everyone who comes to Sweden from the UK or South Africa to stay home for seven days, even if they are not showing symptoms. They should test themselves as quickly as possible. Then they will test themselves again after five days. The Public Health Agency says everyone who lives with them should stay home in the meantime.

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