Astronauts’ Dangerous Mission – Repairing Hubble Camera

On April 24, 1990, the optical telescope was launched into space, and since then it has traveled 6.5 billion kilometers around the Earth – 15-16 revolutions per day. Hubble images have led to many notable discoveries. Close-up shots showed how the stars are born and died. It would also have been possible to assess the age of the universe.

Photos became blurry

But the path there was far from straight. At first, astronomers around the world waited impatiently to see amazing images from space, but what came back was unclear. The viewfinder is sharpened.

Katherine Thornton was one of the astronauts assigned the dangerous mission of going into space and replacing an incorrectly sharpened camera lens.

I wasn’t worried about hurting myself or disappearing into space. I didn’t want to mess around, as you say in the science world: “Hubble – and my eye is on space.”

It is in use for longer than expected

When Hubble was launched into space, the estimated age was 15 years. Now it has been in use for more than 30 years. In May 2009, the last expedition was sent to Hubble for the last time to carry out repairs and maintenance.

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