AstraZeneca and the European Union at a meeting on vaccine delay

The reason for the annoyance is due to the background of agreements Astra Zeneca signed with the European Union and the United Kingdom last year. The company pledged to deliver 100 million doses to the UK and 400 million doses to the European Union.

However, with clear reservations, according to Astra Zeneca CEO Pascal Soriot.

– In the contract (with the European Union) is very clear. Exact quote: We will do “our best,” says Sorio in an interview published in German Die Welt, Italian La Repubblica and Spanish El PaĆ­s.

Manufactures in the UK

Vaccines made in the UK cannot be taken and sent to the European Union to meet quotas, according to Suryut.

– As you understand, the British government has stipulated that shipments of British production must first go to the UK. The contract with the European Union stipulates that British factories may be an opportunity for the European Union, but only at a later stage.

But the European Commission is questioning much of the information received from Syria.

There are many things we disagree with, including that factories in the UK would be destined for British delivery. “This is not true,” AFP quoted a high-ranking European Union official as saying.

Vaccine coordinator: We are upset

Swedish vaccine coordinator Richard Bergstrom told SVT Nyheter that deliveries from Astra Zeneca appear to be dropping from 1 million doses to 400,000 doses in February for Sweden.

We are very upset and we must find a solution. We don’t like building a warehouse in one place and cutting back on deliveries in another, says Richard Bergstrom.

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Astra Zeneca has not yet been approved in the European Union, but it is expected to get the green light from the EMA on Friday.

Unclear information and open quarrel

On Wednesday, the pharmaceutical company and the European Union released various information to European media and news agencies, calling for publication of the agreement and canceling tonight’s meeting.

But after several trips, the meeting on Wednesday evening appears to be nearing completion.

– I can confirm that we will have a meeting with the European Union Commission later in the day, says Christina Malberg Hagerstrand, Press Director at Astra Zeneca Sweden to SVT News.

Richard Bergstrom also confirms that the meeting will be over.

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