Art of Talking Crime Nov 4, 2020 at 13.05 – P1 Culture

On Monday, the final episode of The Inquiry: the popular Danish drama series about the murder of Kim Wall, which was shown by SVT during the fall, was broadcast. The series had the distinction of coming soon to the event itself – and the culprit never being shown in a photo. Is this the way forward for the popular “true crime” genre? We hear director Inquiry, Tobias Lindholm, and Martin Johnson, creator of the podcast Spår and film critic for cultural editors Emma Engstrom.

Story of the USA

Few countries are as legendary as the United States. What happens now – is a new chapter in America’s story beginning or have the last few years just the beginning of a longer process? What happened to the “American Dream” during the last presidential term and what will happen in the coming period? In the studio: Lars Trägårdh, professor of history and active for many years in the USA. Directly from Washington, we hear Sanna Turin Bjerling, a journalist for Dagens Nyheter and author of the current book All We Share – A Story of Friendship and a Shared United States.

Does SVT cause problems for children?

Svt’s new series “The Secret Lives of Our Children” has sparked controversy. In the series, a group of children are filmed in a kindergarten equipped with cameras and microphones, where they are exposed to various experiences while the adults stay in the background for the longest period. Is this satirical entertainment at the expense of defenseless children or an important contribution to our understanding of the daily lives of our young children? P1 Kultur reder ut.

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Host: Gunnar Pauline
Producer: Martin Arndtzen

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