Apple released iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Last year, Apple created a very comprehensive and Comprehensive update for both iOS and iPadOS, iPhone and iPad mobile operating systems respectively.

So there’s a lack of really big news this year when Apple traditionally introduced new versions of iOS and iPadOS at its annual WWDC 2021 developer conference.

However, there is much less news. In fact, there is much that we would have to be content with to have an overview of the most important of them if this article were not several kilometers long. said and did:

iOS 15

First and foremost, FaceTime is getting an overhaul. In the future, the application supports the so-called spatial audio sound so that the sounds come from the right places on the screen, for example, if you participate in a video meeting with several participants. The new microphone settings also allow the user to either sort out all the background noise, or vice versa, so you get all the sounds from the room you’re in, which can come in handy if, say, someone is playing live music.

In the future, FaceTime will also be able to create meeting links that can be shared with others. Not only will you be able to send a meeting link to colleagues or friends via third-party apps like WhatsApp or Slack, but users without Apple devices can also participate in FaceTime meetings from a web browser on their Windows PC or Android phone.

Among the news in iOS 15, there is also a new way in which messages can be filtered and sorted. With the help of artificial intelligence, the number of daily notifications that have a devastating effect can be reduced. Instead, you get two daily summaries of your notifications, morning and evening.

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A new app called Focus can make it easier to prevent interruptions. In the app you choose, for example, whether you focus on your work, the mobile phone – based on an AI view of typical user behavior – takes care of toning down messages and notifications that have nothing to do with work.

There is a lot of exciting news in this year’s update to Apple’s mobile operating system. (Photo: Peter Gottschalk)

Artificial intelligence is the driver in the live text function as well, which allows the user to copy, search and translate text directly from images on the mobile phone. Regardless of whether you took the pictures yourself or found them on the Internet.

The Wallet app, which can be used for credit cards, boarding passes, and the like, has been expanded so that you can also store a digital copy of your driver’s license, health card, or similar. First of all, this only works in a limited number of US states.

On the other hand, increased support for digital keys will be globally available – so you can, for example, have a virtual copy of your hotel key card instead of having to run around with a physical copy. Among others, in collaboration with the Hyatt chain of hotels and many others.

iPad 15
In iPadOS 15, widgets can be placed anywhere on the Home screen. (Photo: Peter Gottschalk)

iPad 15

A little bigger news can be found in iPadOS, which among other things gets Apple’s own app library and translation app, which we learn from iOS 14.

Plus, in the future, you’ll be able to place widgets anywhere on the home screen (something Android has managed from the start), plus it’s now possible to have bigger UI widgets than before.

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But the most important news is undoubtedly multitasking, which makes it much easier to use, for example, splitting the view. The function is easily and smoothly activated from the menu at the top of the screen.

iPad 15
Probably the biggest news with iPadOS 15 is that it has become much easier to use two apps at the same time in Split View. (Photo: Peter Gottschalk)


Last but not least, Apple again this year has done a great deal of saying that it considers protecting users’ privacy an honor.

Among other things, both Email and Safari are getting new settings that allow the user to prevent web pages and email senders from tracking IP addresses and physical location.

In the future, a new app called App Privacy Report will give the user a better overview of which apps have access to your mobile camera, microphones, and contacts, as well as get you an accurate overview of the domains and web addresses that each app connects to regularly.

Siri now plays many voice commands directly on the device, so that the user’s voice recordings are not shared over the Internet, which also has the advantage that Siri can be used for many things even if you are not connected to the Internet.

In the future, iCloud users will be able to bequeath their data and files to selected survivors (old contacts), who will be able to access the content on iCloud when they die.

In addition, Apple introduces a new version of iCloud, which includes a new version TorLike the Internet connection method, which encrypts all traffic and sends it through multiple relays. Hide My Email allows the user to create one-time email addresses that can be disclosed to third parties for specific purposes. This way, you avoid many unauthorized people knowing your real email address and the huge amounts of spam that usually follows it.

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At the time of writing, Apple has been updating the website for the so-called Apple Beta program, so it’s possible that registered beta testers will be able to download previous versions of the new operating systems soon.

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