Apple explains what ad tracking looks like. New commercial ad for transparency app tracking

Here’s a new commercial from Apple explaining how websites and apps can track you when using your phone or computer. However, in commercial advertising, it is all about a little more material change than everything. In the movie, we see how a user is persecuted by everything from taxi drivers to pharmacy assistants after he uses their services or visits their stores.

The announcement was made shortly after Apple implemented App Tracking Transparency in iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS. It’s a feature that forces app makers to ask users if they want to allow tracking, something that few seem to be interested in. In a survey a few weeks ago, only 9 to 11 percent of iPhone users had their tracking app since iOS 14.5 was released in late April.

In other words, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency initiative appears to be appreciated. Google is rumored to be planning to offer something similar to Android, but how is it going to be? Google, unlike Apple, as you know, gets pretty much all of its revenue from ads.

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