Anton Ewald, one of Sweden’s most popular pop stars, is back on Swedish lands with “New Religion” and last song Melodifestival!

Anton Ewald’s new song “New Religion” has been released and is ready for this year’s Melodiffe Final! The song was authored Anton Ewald, Joe Killington, Jonas Wallen and Maja Stromstedt.

Listen to “New Religion” via (Spotify): click here…

Anton achieved great success in the year 2013 with the hit song “Begging” and participated in the Melody Festival in the same year. He became one of Sweden’s most popular pop stars and was nominated for example. Grammy “Song of the Year”, Rockbjörnen “Best Live Male Artist”, MTV Awards and Nickelodeon “Kids’ Choice Awards”. Gold, platinum, was sold number one on Spotify and was named one of the most talented dancers in the world by the aforementioned MTV.

In recent years, Anton has lived and worked in Miami, USA, and managed to work as a choreographer and dancer for some of the biggest Latin stars in the world, including “Jhay Cortez” with over 2 billion streams on Spotify and “Lary Over”. In the United States, he also works as an international photo model.

Anton is ready to leave the studio he built himself where he wrote and produced all of his materials, and once again stands where he wants to be, on stage!

He is now back with the pop song “New Din” and is ready for the Melodifestivalen Final on March 13, 2021.

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