Anthony Fauci on Donald Trump: The worst in 40 years

Anthony Fauci, director of infection control in the United States, has extensive experience working with both Democrats and Republicans. Experience spanning nearly 40 years. But he did not see such opposition to science.

This is my seventh administration … There was no such disdain for science. I haven’t seen anything like this in almost 40 years I did, says Anthony Fauci on “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC.

In an interview with Rachel Maddow, the infection control expert describes how researchers have been pressured by Donald Trump and his administration to describe the situation as better than it really was, and to do things they do not consider to be in the public interest. .

– We had a case where the flag was corrupted or rejected. Fauci says I have been forced to speak out against the president and the people around him, who have said things inconsistent with the science, and he says the pressure on his staff was scary to watch.

Editing by Joe Biden

Fauci appeared a lot during the start of the pandemic, but has disappeared more and more after he openly opposes Trump’s message that the virus will disappear on its own. On that day, Fauci described the relief he feels in working under Joe Biden, who clearly stated that science and facts should define how to deal with the pandemic.

– I said “Hallelujah.” It feels liberated. Fauci said the president said he didn’t want to know anything other than the truth, based on science and evidence.

– It’s pretty clear that things were said, like that of hydroxychloroquine and the like, which was very uncomfortable because it was very clear that it wasn’t scientifically based.

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