Anger at Trump’s Criticism: Stop the Bullshit

There is a real firestorm in the party, and according to opposition leader Kevin McCarthy, it only benefits the Democrats, who are now ruling the country through Joe Biden’s election victory.

Donald Trump is said to have split the party. Some Republicans accuse Donald Trump – including high-profile Liz Cheney – of instigating the storming of Congress while others are defending him. Several Trump defenders are calling for Cheney to be sacked after the match.

He explained that the clear positions of the parties were clearly highlighted during a recent conference CNN.

And that’s what made Kevin McCarthy roar.

– Stop attacking each other, he says, adding that it “applies to Twitter.”

Two sources told CNN that the opposition leader held private meetings with the most hard-line figures within the party.

Republicans: We can take power

Many of the battles are fought internally – but some are ongoing in the public sector. Marjorie Taylor Green, Georgia, brawls with Adam Kinzinger of Illinois on Twitter – who warns her party against following her colleague’s policies.

Many Republicans have also questioned Nancy Pelosi’s decision to install metal detectors in Congress.

Kevin McCarthy now calls for these fights to be kept secret. And as long as it does, he is convinced the Republicans can take power again. Today, Thursday, McCarthy will hold a scheduled meeting with Donald Trump.

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