Andrew Cuomo is accused by a third woman

Another woman accuses New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of misconduct. The accident reportedly happened at a wedding in New York in September 2019. Anna Roche had never met the prominent Democrat politician before, but she thought the plate he was carrying for her friends was a success, so she thanked him for his words when he came to her while mingling.

Then, according to Anna Roach, Cuomo suddenly put his hand on her bare back.

– I moved his hand straight away with my hand, which I think should have been enough to show that I didn’t want him to touch me, she says.

He pulled his head away

But instead, when she moved her hand, Cuomo reportedly responded by saying that she looked “aggressive” – ‚Äč‚Äčthen put her hands on her cheek and loudly asked her if he could kiss her. Roach says she pulled her head away when he approached her and managed to kiss her on the cheek.

– I was confused, shocked and embarrassed. She turned away, but couldn’t find the words at the time, she told The New York Times, which publishes one in a series of photos of the time.

A friend of Anna Roche confirmed the accident and the newspaper has also read text messages about what has happened since that time.

An independent investigation into the allegations

The accusations come at the same time it became known that an independent investigation would be launched into Cuomo’s activities. Last week, two former employees, Charlotte Bennett and Lindsay Boylan, came out and accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.

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Cuomo apologized this weekend for making women feel uncomfortable, but meanwhile said it was all about the jokes that were misunderstood.

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