An Express Dossier for Professional Entrepreneur and Enterprise Growth to Finland is being prepared

The Ministry of Labor and Economics prepares a quick file for professionals, junior entrepreneurs and their family members on work-related immigration permit procedures. An express file is a service promise in which a decision on an online application for a residence permit is promised within 14 days. Labor Minister Tula Hatainen spoke about it at the Ministry of Labor and Economy press conference on Monday 15 March 2021.

Flexible permit procedure is the Finnish work card for experts and companies using labor migration. When managing a situation with the authorities is uncomplicated, it leaves a lasting positive first impression and simultaneously serves as a firm handshake for everything that will happen in the future. A pilot project will start with a fast file early in 2021.

The goal is in line with the government program that the average processing time for residency permits for work and education is 30 days before the end of the election period. We will present all the necessary legislative proposals during this year, and other development work will be implemented in parallel, according to Minister of Labor Tula Hattinin.

Pilot projects in Silicon Valley and New Delhi, India

To attract international experts, the Finnish Ministry and Business have prepared pilot projects aimed at attracting professionals from Silicon Valley in the United States and New Delhi in India. These pilot projects are ready to start as soon as the coronavirus situation allows and the borders reopen.

In order to attract international experts, Finland needs to take its own initiatives. Conditions have to be sound, but unfortunately Finland is not currently the most attractive destination for everyone. One reason for this, he says, is poor acceptance of working life.

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Attitudes in Finnish society continue to make it difficult for those already in the country to find work. People whose name or mother tongue indicates a background outside of Finland receive significantly fewer invitations to job interviews than other applicants, even if their education, work experience, and language skills are exactly the same.

It is organizations, such as employers, that are primarily responsible for promoting acceptance of working life, not individuals who suffer from racism and discrimination. My criticism of low vulnerability applies to both the public and private sectors. Now speeches and actions are contradictory. This needs to be changed.

– The state’s procedures to attract foreign experts are unnecessary if the attitudes prevent the benefit from the experts’ expertise and the development of their competencies. We strive to improve low receptivity, among other things through the Diversity in Working Life program published today, but much remains to be done when it comes to attitudes.

The roadmap creates perspectives for future needs in relation to labor migration

In the fall of 2020, the Ministry of Labor and Economy began preparations to lay out a roadmap for labor migration. The purpose of the upcoming roadmap is to create a common picture of the situation, prepare knowledge-based assessments of expert migration as necessary in light of community development, and define goals, priorities, conditions and measures that lead to the goal of education and work-related migration in the coming years. The time period in the roadmap extends to 2035.

The purpose of the Road Map is to build a comprehensive picture that the following governments can adhere to. These two concludes that the intention is for the road map to be considered for the first time in government deliberations half the time.

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more information:
Timo Nivaranta, Special Officer to the Minister of Labor, +358 50 574 1430

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