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Gina Lindberg He is a USA radio commentator and is heard every week on the American podcast. Richard Henrickson He is the football expert at Radiosport who is currently working on the new Matchen podcast, where he selects famous football files themselves and analyzes a match from their career that has made an impression. The host of the evening is our Sunday interview Martin Wicklin You who share have the opportunity to pose your own questions on the radio profiles during the evening.

Gina Lindberg is a former Washington correspondent and usually foreign director at Ekot. She spent an intense year explaining and providing the background to political developments and elections in the United States. You can hear it on various Swedish radio channels and in American podcasts.

Richard Henrickson is a former football player and for several years has been a Radiosport expert. He is humble in the face of the positive response Podcast Match has received.

– I look forward to meeting our listeners during the evening and discussing how an in-depth and stellar analysis can add value to the discerning radio audience, he says of the event.

Martin Weiklin is the host of Sunday’s P1 interview. He had previously been the presenter of Medierna in P1, but since the late 1990s he has provided investigative reports and documentaries for radio and television.

An evening with Swedish radio is arranged once a month and it is an opportunity for our audience to meet some of the radio voices in entertaining and educational forms.

Watch a digital audience evening on this page or listen to it in our app, Swedish Radio Play. The event is free. Are you recording Across the page here You will receive a reminder and a link to broadcast. You can also watch / hear the evening afterwards on the website and app.

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