An Evening with Radio Sweden: Eurovision – Music and Politics – Meet us

The competition, which began in 1956 as an initiative to unify the nations of Europe through music and the strengthening of European identity. Then a few entries competed – on May 18, 20 and 22, 39 countries will fight for the prize in Rotterdam. The event is declared apolitical, but as it grows, controversy arises in its wake. The music festival will be a showcase for various agendas – including national, cultural and political.

Why was the contribution of Belarus excluded twice this year? Is it true that the countries that pay more are better off? Was the addition of Eastern European countries a salvation for the competition? How big the event was before it exploded – now planned to expand into the United States. Additionally, we are listing some of the most iconic events throughout history from a societal perspective.

Tonight is hosted by Tina Mahrajans. Music journalist, program and project manager at P3.

Participating guests:

  • Carolina Noren – Host of P4 Music and The Swedish Top. She’s been watching Eurovision for 23 years in a row since 1999.
  • Fredrik Wadstrom – Former Moscow Correspondent Now a producer on P1 Kultur, he has knowledge of political and cultural movements in Eastern Europe.
  • Roger Wilson – American reporter, former host of P1 Culture, film and radio TV watch Kino in P1.

An “Evening with Swedish Radio” is arranged approximately once a month and is an opportunity for our audience to meet some of the radio voices in entertaining and educational forms.

Watch the digital audience evening here at, on our Facebook page or listen to it on our SR Play app. The event is free. You can also watch / hear the evening afterwards on the website and app.

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Notice! Swedish Radio does not request account or card information regarding this type of event. Never give out passwords or other sensitive information.

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